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Protecting your current and future lifestyle for your family, creating a tax-favorable retirement savings strategy on your balance sheet, developing a solution for your business to protect and retain key employees or as a strategic piece of a Buy/Sell agreement, Life Insurance can play a versatile role in both personal and business financial planning.

Life Insurance is also misunderstood when it comes to obtaining coverage.  Who you work with, which carrier you select and the terms secured are all important factors.  With seemingly hundreds of options online, finding the correct solution can be overwhelming.

Let Horizon Agency provide clarity in what can be a confusing area. When working with Horizon Agency, you can expect the following –

  • Consult – Understand your current financial situation and your short and long term goals. In some instances, a complete financial plan will be constructed and reviewed to ensure there is no stone unturned.
  • Quantify – Determine the amount of Life Insurance coverage needed using a combination of data, analytics and more subjective pieces like future career earnings, growing your family/business and expert advice.
  • Shop the Market – Using Horizon’s scale and relationships with existing carriers, and working with strategic broker partners, we have the tools and are determined to find the best solution possible for your specific needs.
  • Underwrite – Having worked with 1000’s of satisfied clients, we understand sometimes there are unique health considerations that may impact your premiums. Client confidentiality and working with carriers that have flexible underwriting considerations are of paramount importance.
  • Delivery and Review – We pride ourselves on a smooth underwriting process and delivery of your policy, along with an annual review to ensure that as your needs change, so will your planning.

Personal Planning

  • Term Insurance – Multiple term options, accelerated underwriting, wide variety of carriers
  • Whole Life – Either for a permanent death benefit for your loved ones, or as a complement to your retirement strategy.
  • Universal Life – Cash accumulation policy with a permanent death benefit and flexible premiums
  • Variable/Indexed UL – More growth oriented version of its cousin Universal Life

Business Planning

  • Key Person Coverage – For the business owner, or for valued employees that are critical to the business.
  • Buy/Sell Strategies – Have a partner or multiple business partners? Looking to transition your business to a younger partner? Is your buy/sell agreement funded with something other than profits from the business? Term insurance is a key funding solution in any buy/sell agreement.
  • Deferred Compensation – Keeping your future promises to employees as cash or phantom stock is a dicey strategy – using the general accounts of reputable Life Insurance companies is an effective way to grow future obligations tax-free.

Please Contact Horizon Agency’s Life Insurance Team for an initial call:

Sam Rogers
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