We are pleased to assist our clients with their claims situations such as:

  • Assisting you with the reporting of your claim
  • Sending you a copy of the claim report we send to your insurer
  • Checking the status of your claim
  • Answering questions about your claim
  • Offer assistance in resolving any difficulties in the processing of your claim

Our office is staffed with Claims Representatives who will be happy to help you. Please feel free to contact them via e-mail or by telephone.

Commercial ("Business") Claims:


Nick Kirschbaum

ACORD Property Loss Notice

Use this form to report a loss involving YOUR property.

ACORD “General Liability Notice of Occurrence/Claim”

Use this form to report a loss wherein you MIGHT be sued or HAVE BEEN served with a lawsuit or subpoena other than Automobile related.

ACORD – Automobile Loss Notice

Use this form to report any loss or claim involving YOUR Automobile caused by YOU or by OTHERS.

First Report of Injury

Use this form to report a WORK-RELATED injury to your EMPLOYEE(s). (Minnesota employees only.)

Flexible Benefits Claims